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Android app Spotify

Android app Spotify Spotify now free on mobile phones and tablets . Besides music wherever you are correct . Access to the world of music with Spotify . Artists and albums you can listen to your favorite songs , or you can create your own playlists consisting of . Do you want to discover new music ? ” Ready to fit into the Spirit playlist , or select one of the get personalized recommendations . Listen to free music on your mobile phone • you want the artist , album or playlist in shuffle play mode Listen to free music on tablet computer • When you want to listen to the song you want Spotify Premium Features • When you want the song you want on the device you want to listen : mobile phone , tablet or … Read entire article »


Android game Neon Beat

Android game Neon Beat Neon Beat is a new generation of block-breaking game . Impressive visuals and sound design with powerful Neon Beat , will make you addicted to the game . Jump CENTER Neon rotating screen on all four sides and a top destination in the middle of the screen . Control of the game is very simple. Simply tap the screen to send the ball into the center of the screen . Your task ; see on the screen before you run out of time to clear all the blocks . Friendly BONUSES Remove the blocks from under some surprise bonus and helps remove many blocks . - Diamond : Diamond gives an extra 100 - Growth: Neon ball Maximize - … Read entire article »

Android app Volume Booster

Android app Volume Booster Volume Booster for Android users to enjoy all the advanced ! This increases the volume of telephone voice amplifier and also the AP equalizer with built-in Android is a native application that gives music extra bass boost . Volume Booster both of us , as well as an external speaker system works with headphones . Audio amplifiers for open and music blasting to get extra bass boost button. Music, ring tone and alarm sound settings to play with the slider bar to adjust the volume loud and get extra manual control . Android app Volume Booster To make them hear it loud audio amplifier audio streams on your phone all seven works: - Alarm sound level ( this alarm … Read entire article »

Android app What is the Flick

Android app What is the Flick What’s the Flick is the cute and hilarious movie title guessing game. Enjoy the memorable drawings either alone or with a group of friends. Epic genre-spanning campaign consisting of 200 hand-drawn puzzles! Make your own path through dozens of themed puzzle categories by attempting to guess the movie! Hours of gameplay to keep you busy.   Exciting movies from every film genre No penalties for guessing wrong Earn hints by completing levels Clean and simple display All hand drawn trivia levels Daily ticket bonuses to help you when you’re really stuck   What’s the Flick has a comedic feel that isn’t presented in any other word guessing games. Every level is hand drawn and designed to make you and … Read entire article »

Andoid app WeChat

Andoid app WeChat With more than 300 million users join our rapidly growing global community . Wechat , is a complete mobile communication and social network applications . Free , multi-platform and feature a large number Wechat , that you care is the best way of staying in touch with everyone . features - Free multi-platform text, voice memos, photos , videos, location information and more , individual and group messaging feature . - Free video calls in HD quality . - Secure the locally stored offline continuous access to the message history . - ADVERTISING IS NOT NO WHERE ! - Private, group-based photo sharing social network. - Nodding along with your phone in an extremely easy way of adding friends to scan … Read entire article »

Android app Maxthon Browser

Android app Maxthon Browser 600 + million users all over the world why you love Maxthon Browser learn. Maxthon in the world, for both the phone and tablet is the fastest and most intelligent mobile web browser , fast, secure, easy to use and very fast download speed offers . He is so fast , the other on the market through the mobile web browser ! Maxthon ‘s web browser , in other web browsers as quickly depleting the battery of your mobile phone for browsing experience faster browsing and search that allows you to use the least amount of CPU resources . - A total of 600 million web browser download - Support for HTML5 technology that works … Read entire article »