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Android app Muscle Builder

Android app Muscle Builder A Fitness App So Powerful it will make your Muscles hurt. Muscle Builder for Android is 7 apps in 1, a fitness toolkit. First the app will create a personal 12 week workout around your fitness goals. Then provide a personal trainer to help you stay on track. It makes the most of your workouts and calculates your recovery time, so you don’t need to spend everyday in the gym. It has over 150+ exercises with videos and 170+ fitness articles. Motivation is everything as it provides 100s of motivational quotes. Find nearby Gyms and export your workouts to spreadsheet for home use. Track your strength, muscle mass and fat loss using stunning graphs. It also provides a built in pedometer and daily step challenges to help you loose weight. This is one of the most comprehensive fitness … Read entire article »

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Android app Fishard

Android app Fishard Fishard, by EpicIwak First of all let me say this: this app is really cool and a lot of fun, while using a game mechanic you probably have not really seen before in any other app. But first let me tell you what this game is about. The concept itself is kind of weird, but in a funny way, and easy enough to understand. It’s not a gigantic app where you need hours to understand what it is you are actually doing. The short version is this: You are a fish, who is a wizard. And you have to protect your home from so called “Sharkmen” that are attacking you. In the game this means you have to kill incoming sharks on 5 different lanes with your different magic spells. … Read entire article »

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Roamy – Travel Roaming

Roamy – Travel Roaming When abroad still being able to use whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Facebook or any other app you want, without the risk of getting huge bills from your provider! Normally, all apps instantly access the internet when you turn on the option “Internet (roaming) abroad”. In the background there’s a variety of data downloaded: email/facebook/twitter updates, updates for apps and android itself, you name it. With a fast connection, you can download 10 MB in just a minute, the average costs are $ 3,- per MB so in a minute you spent $ 30,-. Simply switch on roamy, select the app(s) you want to use and you’re done. All other apps are blocked. Additionally you can set a limit per app. For example: We select Whatsapp, limit 1 MB (more than enough for over 150 text messages) … Read entire article »

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