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Android App Better Than Ever USA Today Review

A few weeks ago, I evaluated the iPad variation of USA Today on our relative site iPad. Appstorm, stating that the current variation of the app was actually well made, feature-rich, and user-friendly. I additionally made reference of the fact that I don’t use a lot of updates applications, instead going for a news agency’s Twitter feed or the like. However, I make use of a lot more news/feed applications on my Nexus 7 than on my iPad– Press, anybody?– and USA Today has a brand new app for Android that’s great.

USA Today is a US-based paper and one of my favored print electrical outlets. Over the last year or so, they have actually truly upped their digital competition, launching a new web site, redesigned iOS app, and now a recently made Android app.

To be frank, the very first USA Today Android app was very bad. It was poorly made, felt rushed, and looked more like a mid-2000s mobile website. The most recent version is a much welcomed departure from that. You can tell the designers put a lot of initiative into improving the user interface, taking advantage of display room and including some really valuable functions. They likewise took into consideration some Android-only capacities, like the share button and the potential to long-press for even more alternatives.

After opening the app, you’re taken to Leading Stories, where you’ll see the day’s most popular/recent stories, images, and video clips. While seeing a tale, you can easily additionally swipe via images linked with that tale or see its associated video clip, as shown below.

You will certainly likewise see the climate in the top right– a lot more thereupon later on. Picking a story will certainly allow you to read, interact along with the media, and swipe to an additional story. The app also has some wonderful educational displays when you go to a new section for the first time.

Pressing the USA Today company logo will certainly take you to a menu of all of the parts USA Today needs to provide, and also complementary content for those areas. The “Updates” section even has an area for trending stories. At the time this post was written, it was the Pope’s resignation.

The added locations are actually exactly what make this app excellent. Not only can you become the most up to date updates, yet points like climate, ratings, polls, photos, and more.

I believe one of the noteworthy sections in the app is Day in Pictures. The developers understood they were producing an app that assists multimedia and as opposed to merely doing a newspaper-like clone, decided to add in some truly great components you can only do with a digital device.

Throughout the app you will certainly also see Android’s built-in Share button so you can deliver tales and photos to all of your favored social networks and applications. I’m actually glad a lot more apps are utilizing the inbuilt Share feature now, as it develops a more regular encounter.

The USA Today app for Android is a beautiful, feature-rich app that is truly well thought-out. It supplies a lot of material in an easy-to-navigate means, it accomodates a great deal of screen dimensions from phones to tablets, and there are a ton of supporting attributes like weather, ratings, surveys, and photos. While I would such as to see a few components included– specifically beloved groups and landscape weather condition maps– the app is rock-solid as it is. I highly advise it!

Android app better than ever usa today review1 Android App Better Than Ever USA Today Review

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  1. Gloria says:

    USA today app for Android is a beautiful,we can see the day’s most popular/recent stories, images, and video clips with application

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