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Android app What is the Flick

Android app What is the Flick

What’s the Flick is the cute and hilarious movie title guessing game. Enjoy the memorable drawings either alone or with a group of friends. Epic genre-spanning campaign consisting of 200 hand-drawn puzzles! Make your own path through dozens of themed puzzle categories by attempting to guess the movie! Hours of gameplay to keep you busy.


  • Exciting movies from every film genre

  • No penalties for guessing wrong

  • Earn hints by completing levels

  • Clean and simple display

  • All hand drawn trivia levels

  • Daily ticket bonuses to help you when you’re really stuck


What’s the Flick has a comedic feel that isn’t presented in any other word guessing games. Every level is hand drawn and designed to make you and your friends burst out in laughter as you puzzle your way through the game.


Inspiration for What’s the Flick spurred from the sister app “What’s the Lyric”, another highly successful guessing game based on popular song lyrics. What’s the Flick offers puzzles from all sorts of genres including comedies, romance, science fiction, action, animation, and many more! There is even a “Worst of All Time” category that is absolutely hilarious. The drawings are extremely clever, and clearly the designers and artists put a lot of effort into creating this game


Other app review sites have responded positively to the game as well!


*** says “If you like these type of word association/puzzle games then this is a game for you!”***


What’s the Flick currently has a 4.5/5 star rating on the Google Play store, and it definitely lives up to that reputation.


The levels are challenging but you are never truly stuck! Firecracker Software has implemented a system to hints to users that can’t get passed a level. They even have a support line for personalized help on each level (

Give What’s the Flick a download today! It’s free!

Android app What is the Flick


car 168x300 Android app What is the Flick

Android app What is the Flick

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