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Android game Dark Avenger

Android game Dark Avenger

Dark Avenger, an extraordinary MORPG specific to mobile devices!
Dungeon crawl style for a fabulous cut and chop struggle between more than ten million online players join you!
• A Brand New Class: Sorcerers •
- Dark heroes of the world’s great magicians attended class!
- To be able to fight against the new evil Knights, Archers, Warriors and Wizards of the Wild select what you want from the class!
• Boss Battle: Strategic Battles • Collaborative
- Now, Boss Raid mode than 4 players can play at the same time!
- Brand new and more powerful Word Boss 4 hero to defeat create strategies together!
• • Outstanding Graphics
- Dynamic lighting and bright Full HD Specialty Graphics!
- More to enjoy a game full of action Side Camera View feature added!

Android game Dark Avenger

• Breathtaking Battle Network 3 out of 3 • Do
- Wait and queue for hours to enter! Players , made ​​in real-time when they want to fight 3 of 3 deaths can participate !
- Weekly rankings for the evaluation of cutthroat competition , won / lost the fight and die / kill totals !
• Tower of Eternity : Never • Endless Struggles
- Every week, our struggle against the best players in the world !
- Be the first and most powerful warrior and conquer new heights !
- Some floors, new boss battles await you!
• 1 vs. 18: Extraordinary Games • Action Learning
- A new feature, part of the targeting system , players the opportunity to draw on their experience offers the highest level !
- Numerous enemies in a single movement to remove all the effects of a devastating power and skills combine !
• Updates • Coming Soon
- New game modes!
- Boss Raid challenging boss fight and new modes exclusive of Death !
- Fascinating stages / weapons / objects !

car5 Android game Dark Avenger

Android game Dark Avenger

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