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Android game New Star Soccer

Android game New Star Soccer

Star Reserves buy more with your money!
Games beginning of the new players was facilitated in order to advance more quickly.
To improve the overall gaming experience difficulty levels made ​​numerous adjustments and regulation.
All the fans continued to play New Star Soccer thank you for that! Previous update we received over 40,000 five star positive reviews we were baffled, but please continue to provide feedback because they are helping us to improve the gaming experience. As a result of feedback from minor changes made ​​in this update hope you have enjoyed it, but soon more and more content, features and other enhancements that will come with the update COMPReHeNSIve wait!

Android game New Star Soccer

★ Eurogamer – App of the Day – “The best football game on mobile and tablets.”
★ The Sun – App of the Year – “A pristine game.” 5/5
★ PocketGamer – Gold Award – “You’ll suffer the highs and lows of its simply presented matches with the grin of a true addict plastered across your face.”
★ Kotaku – App of the Day – “The perfect marriage of quickplay phone game, football management sim and RPG.”
★ Gametrailers – App of the Day – “It’s an essential download.”
★ MSN – App of the Day – “New Star Soccer is getting evangelistic word-of-mouth buzz from players who can’t put their phones down.” 5/5
★ Sunday Times – “So engrossing you’ll be playing until your phone battery dies.” 5/5
★ Telegraph – “It’s a wonderful little game but it will eat your life.” 4.5/5
★ Modojo – “The best soccer game you’ll ever play on your mobile.” 4.5/5
★ AllAboutTheGames – “I’ve spent an entire week playing New Star Soccer.” 5/5
★ Sunday Mirror – “New Star Soccer is one of the most addictive games ever.”
★ Edge – “Simon Read’s creation smartly captures the capitalism, the artistry and the sheer, glorious unpredictability of its subject.” 7/10
★ PCAdvisor – “Incredibly addictive and satisfying.” 4.5/5
★ GodIsAGeek – “It really can’t be over-estimated how brilliant New Star Soccer is.” 10/10
★ LittleGreenRobot – “An engaging football simulation.” 5/5
★ MacWorld – Editor’s Choice – “New Star Soccer aims for the perfect mobile experience, and effortlessly hits the top corner.” 5/5


car Android game New Star Soccer

Android game New Star Soccer

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