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Review TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security Android App

Mobile security is one of the crucial things you have to bear in mind when using a new Android phone or tablet computer, or also when you have older gadgets along with you. Including layers and layers of protection will not hurt; it could rather substantially profit you. Among the number of antivirus and mobile security apps you can find in the Google Play Store, one will absolutely impress you along with its considerable functionality. That app is Anti-virus & Mobile Security by TrustGo Mobile Incorporated.

Anti-virus & Mobile Security protects your Android device from any type of unsafe malware and viruses and allows you be aware of apps that have questionable consents that may endanger your individual information, identification, and personal privacy. This app does all these and a couple much more that will ensure protection to your device.

Whether you are merely going through e-books, playing competitions, or scanning the Internet, Antivirus & Mobile Security keeps your device free of charge and safe from anything that could posture great injury. Once you download and put up the app, you can develop an account along with TrustGo. Doing so will give you ease in accessing your saved data backups. The app has five primary protection features– protection scanning device, protected web surfing, privacy protector, information backup, and device security.

Security Scanner browses all the put in apps in your device and picks out the high-risk apps. The threats are sorted as low, average, or high, giving you the concept that these applications are high-risk to a certain level. It falls to you to neglect the possible danger an app can provide or you can uninstall it.

Yet another plus is the app’s integrated app search function that lets you search and install an app from the Google Play Outlet. A “Licensed” mark represents that the app is protected for download and when you tap on it, it’ll direct you the app’s Google Play Store web page so you can easily install it to your device.

Review trustgo antivirus mobile security android app1 Review TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security Android App

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  1. Kylie Brown says:

    Thanks for introducing us with the useful app. It would be a great news for android users. The apps seems to be pretty much caucious about malwares n so on… But will it perform an scheduled scan on its on if in case i forget to start one??? Pls help:)

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