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Review Voice Shortcuts Launcher Android App

The beauty of newer mobile phones is that you don’t need to cramp your fingers by browsing menus by bodily buttons. Merely utilize your fingers to swipe and enlisting and you can easily breeze via the numerous functions of your phone. There are days, nevertheless, where you feel so worn out from the week that do not wish to expend even more electricity compared to you need to. Don’t you merely desire you could regulate your phone along with your mind?

Technology hasn’t already gotten that far yet, however there’s certainly an app that will help you launch specific applications when you do not wish to wipe and enlisting. Established by Project Trinity, Voice Shortcuts Launcher does not need you to contact your phone’s display to execute certain functions. That is, except to enlisting on the app’s gizmo on your home screen.

Like it claims on the container, you can easily introduce points utilizing your voice. This idea is not new and some virtual aide apps can already do this for you, yet Voice Shortcuts Launcher is an app that you can customize to your demands. And it does not talk back, which is certainly a plus in my manual.

When you first launch the app, there will be no commands offered. Begin occupying it by enlisting Include Voice and when the app prompts you, speak to it. State “Email” perhaps and once the app has actually recognized your speech, associate an activity to your voice prompt, such as your e-mail inbox. During my test run with Voice Shortcuts Launcher on our HTC Sensation examination device, I added the “E-mail” command which was linked to the Gmail app and “Drop box” which was related to, you guessed it, Dropbox.

Voice Shortcuts Launcher isn’t really just limited to connecting voice commands with applications. You can also access contacts along with a spoken word. Picture how easy it would be to call your workmate when you are as well unwell to browse your personal digital assistant.

Review voice shortcuts launcher android app1 Review Voice Shortcuts Launcher Android App

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