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Review LED Light Fun Android App

When it comes to applications, I’m mostly curious about the type that aid make something (organization, communication, etc.) simpler, along with camera apps. Nonetheless, from time to time I find myself with a few minutes to spare and wishing to keep active with something that’s not also difficult or pipesing. Whenever I’m not in the mood for playing a competition I resort to novelty apps to give me along with some type of diversion.

I just recently discovered LED Light Fun, an app that guarantees to turn your Android device into a LED light screen. Learn additional after the jump.

I must begin by claiming that if you’re seeking this app to do everything however provide you along with a few moments’ worth amusement, turn around now because you’ll be let down. LED Light Fun is pure uniqueness, barring the flashlight feature.

The very first alternative is my personal fave. You can easily develop your very own message which will after that scroll across the screen, and there are great deals of options for picking colors, font dimensions, scrolling speed, etc. Use it to draw up sweet messages to loved ones, jokes or even – within explanation – funny insults (“HELLO DUMMY” looks great on a warm pink background, your kid younger brother makes certain to obtain a kick out of that one!).

LED Light Fun is an enjoyable novelty app along with some amazing alternatives and retro layout. Apart from the flashlight this app doesn’t have any kind of actual function– unless you count providing fun LED components to play around with a function– I know I do!

Review led light fun android app1 Review LED Light Fun Android App

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