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Top 5 most useful android apps

Android phones are rising in popularity. The Android Appstore is rising in popularity and becoming a competitor to the the Apple store. There are a variety of Android apps that can enhance your life.The following post provides an opinion on the Top 5 Best Apps. We’ve done similar articles in the past, but what makes this article a bit different is that it focuses on apps that can add value to your everyday lives. To make the list, apps have to be unique yet have practical uses, and the apps don’t necessarily have to be on Android.

1. Car Locator
There is practically no-one who has never lost their car in a parking lot or some obscure location. Car locator is one of those Android apps that anyone can use. By making a record of your location when you park, Car Locator will guide you back to that location when you are in a rather forgetful mood.

2. Where

Have you ever been on a trip in an unfamiliar area and needed to find a place to eat? Where is an Android app that will take you to the nearest place that suites your taste buds. This is one of the greatest general purpose Android apps, it will find a place for you to eat, shop, or a variety of other locations. Spontaneity will no longer become the downfall of your stomach.

Top most useful android apps1 Top 5 most useful android apps

3. CompareEverywhere
This Android app lets you use your phone to scan barcodes allowing you to get price information and reviews about various products. If you find a great product in a store and wonder if there is a better deal online, CompareEverywhere is one of the the most useful Android apps.

4. Facebook

Everybody knows about Facebook. There is now an Android app that allows you to use Facebook from your phone. It makes social media that much easier. There is no need to go back to your computer if you need to check your Facebook profile.

5. Talk To Me
This has to be one of the coolest Android apps for tourists. This app will translate text and speech into various languages. It is even capable of speaking the translations back to you. If you are in a tight spot and need a rough phrase to get your point across, Talk To Me is the Android app for you.

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